Holistic Counseling ~ About Marta Maria MA
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Welcome beautiful Soul!

It’s my great joy to be of service to you on your unfolding spiritual journey. For 20 years now, I have successfully guided many to heal and integrate their shadow to find TRUE inner harmony, spiritual connection, and move into FULL SPECTRUM LIVING. Many of us have suffered in our own mind, our own consciousness. We have disconnected from our spiritual selves, only to play out unhealthy beliefs and patterns over and over again.

Marta Maria Marraccini - Spiritual Healer

I certainly did this in my own life!
In my early 20’s I was physically and emotionally miserable.
I suffered in my limiting beliefs and to complicate it all, I developed health issues. I often found myself in deep despair or sorrow.
As I worked to understand and elevate myself from these difficult times, my personal growth process became my past time, my social life, my education, my everything.
I intuitively knew there was another way. I knew I didn’t have to suffer, but where was the doorway out?

Holistic Counselling - Personal Spiritual Growth

Over the years, as I sought to reveal and heal my own core wounding, I have developed an expertise in multiple areas and modalities – M.A. in Holistic Counseling Psychology, Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics Studies, Mindfulness, Transformational Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Sacred Chant, and Guided Meditation to name just a few.

By integrating all of these different teachings and modalities with my own sensory abilities to see and work with energy, I found the DOORWAY OUT of that mental, physical and emotional suffering for myself, and ultimately for others as well.
From this place of clarity and understanding of our quantum world, my healing practice – QUANTUM BELIEF – was born all those years ago.
I have witnessed again and again, that a shift in consciousness is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE for anyone who chooses to consciously navigate the journey.