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Divinity Circles

The Divinity Circles are groups of deliberate and consciously awakened women who gather in monthly sacred ceremonies for the purpose of deconstructing old paradigms while deepening into a relationship with all aspects of themselves (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).

Together we cultivate joyous expansion in our lives while providing a high level of sisterhood, connection, and accountability through which great transformation occurs.

Here we transform from human beings reaching for spirituality, into spiritual beings reaching to humanity

“The Divinity Circle experience allows me to expand my capacity for holding higher consciousness. I experience a natural incremental process that gently helps me to consider the magnitude of my desires, and how certain aspects of my life are not in alignment with them. Through Marta Maria’s guidance, and the synergy of the group, I have experienced massive transformation, enabling me to now live in creative flow and the unfolding beauty and richness of my life.” – Gina K.

“When I began my spiritual awakening in 2007 there were long periods when I felt isolated and like I was living in the “ Spiritual Closet “. Being a part of the Divinity Circle has allowed me to connect with soul sisters and be in relationship with inspiring women who are so brave and boldly following their spiritual path. Marta Maria creates the sacred container and leads the group with her loving and masterful presence. I am deeply grateful for this experience.” – Bethany M.

Divinity Circles - Marta Maria MA - Holistic Practitioner
Shasta Retreats - Marta Maria MA - Holistic Practitioner
Marta Maria MA - Holistic Practitioner

In the circles you…

PRACTICE sacred ceremony through an eclectic lens of Spirituality.

IDENTIFY and EMBODY a vital, personal intention for your expansion into higher consciousness and greater self-expression.

CONNECT to your limitless mind – script and imprint your Sacred Truth.

LEARN about the nature of energy, clairsentient, and vibrational boundaries.

BE witnessed, seen, and lovingly held in your shadow.


EXPERIENCE growing together among other like-minded women.

Name and dismantle outdated beliefs, shifting from old paradigms of “efforting” and fear, into new paradigms of CREATIVITY, flow, and ease.

ACCESS the frequency of true joy, happiness, and trust.

CONNECT on multiple planes of higher consciousness, working with master teachers and the angelic realm.

“Marta Maria has been a true blessing in my life. Her loving presence and the divine connection have supported my personal and professional growth, and continue to everyday life. I have deepened my own connection with my divine source, as well as parts of me that needed recognition.” – Eileen L.

“My experience of the divinity Circle has been absolutely transformative. The work we do – sharing, meditation, ceremony, healing balances, and many other rituals are profound. I wholeheartedly believe it is through this level of connection and accountability that we have the ability to create great change. Thank you, Marta Maria!” – Amy W.