9 basic things to bring to a Mindfulness retreat


A mindfulness retreat is an opportunity to pause, to heal and rest, a place of introspection that allow you to withdraw from the responsabilities of your day to day life.”

During this time of reflection and intentions, you want to be comfortable in your body and have a peaceful mind.

Adapted outfits for the location area: Soft and breathable layers ensure you can warm up or cool down when required regardless of the weather.

Accessories: Sunglasses/Sunscreen/Hat/Sarong.

Water Bottle: Staying hydrated helps your body to go through the retreat.

Journal: To reflect on your thoughts while immersed in a special journey. Writing about your experience, your emotions, your feelings – generally in the evening – helps your mind to get clarity about your process.

Book: An inspiring, uplifting or positive lecture for the duration of the retreat, is often a good way to get some additional tools and support to your process.

Medication: You want to make sure you bring enough of what you need. Get your doctor prescription as well.

Healthy Snacks: Most of the time food is included, but if you are visiting and are away of the retreat location, having some snacks is always appreciated.

Technology: Charging cables and international power outlet if necessary.

ID’s: For your peace of mind, if you travel abroad., make sure you Scan a copy of your passport and driving licence, and save it on Google drive. In case of loss, you will have a copy as proof.

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