Shasta Holistic Retreats ~ Marta Maria MA
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Dust off the diamond light you are!

✻ Divinity Retreats

Mt Shasta


On this ALL inclusive Mt. Shasta Divinity Retreat, we connect in sacred sisterhood. Together we do a deep dive with the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine and the Archetypal energies of Mt.Shasta. In this safe and loving container, you are supported on your transformative healing journey for purification of mind, balance of heart, and rejuvenation of spirit.

Shasta Retreats - Marta Maria MA - Holistic Practitioner
Marta Maria Marraccini

Shasta Retreats Details

Receive the Divine Feminine Initiation Mantra which activates this current in consciousness on a cellular level.

Work with Master Teachers Archetypes on Mt. Shasta – A sacred vortex.

Engage in chanting, meditation, guided visualization, movement, daily journaling and channeled writing.

Experience the cleansing of Stewart Mineral Springs healing waters.

Connect deeply with Your and nature elements.

Give birth to the new you, more in balance with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.

Participate in a Sweat lodge facilitated by a local Native American shaman.

Bask in the sound healing of 50 plus crystal singing bowls.

Share experiences with other spiritual sisters and create new friendships.

Be fully seen, witnessed, and acknowledged in your divine expression of self.

Relax, play, and swim in local Shasta river and get lost in your divine self.

Eileen L.

Marta Maria has been a true blessing in my life. Her loving presence and the divine connection has supported my personal and professional growth, and continues to everyday life. I have deepened my own connection with my divine source, as well as parts of me that needed recognition.

Gina K.

I have been graced with the ability to attend several retreats. Through spiritual ceremonies led by Marta Maria, I was given opportunities to attune to what energy and intuition feel like in my body. Over time, I have gained great acuity, the innate sensory ability to maintain my own intuitive sense.

Shasta Retreats - Marta Maria MA
Shasta Retreats - Marta Maria MA - Holistic Practitioner

The retreat includes

Nicolle A.

Marta Maria never fails to provide an incredibly safe and healthy space for women to join in collective consciousness and make leaps and bounds in their own spiritual growth process. My retreats in Mt. Shasta were incredibly potent and transformative. The locals say that it is a place in the world where - the veils are thinner - and the spiritual expansions I have experienced, seem to indicate that they're telling the truth. Marta Maria takes great care to weave in many delightful experiences through the weekend: crystal bowl ceremony, Mt. Shasta hikes, sweat lodges, sacred dance, and sumptuous meals. I have never had anything short of an exquisite time on one of her retreats and plan on attending many more in the future.

Shasta Retreats - Marta Maria MA - Holistic Practitioner