Tulum Holistic Retreats ~ Marta Maria MA
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Dust off the diamond light you are!

✻ Divine Feminine Mayan Journey




The Spring Equinox in Tulum is a very sacred time of year to join in ancient wisdom traditions. This is a time when the Divine Feminine ( Moon Energy ) and The Divine Masculine ( Sun Energy) are in perfect balance with the Earth. On the equinox the night is equal in length to the day. Using the Chakra system as our point of entry, together we harness the Equinox vibration for balance and harmony on the interpersonal and spiritual level.

Marta Maria MA - Holistic Retreats
Tulum Retreats - Marta Maria MA - Holistic Practitioner
Marta Maria MA - Holistic Retreats

Tulum Retreats Details | Location – Amansala

PRACTICE sacred ceremony through an eclectic lens of Spirituality.

IDENTIFY and EMBODY a vital, personal intention for your expansion into higher consciousness and greater self expression.

CONNECT to your limitless mind – script and imprint your Sacred Truth.

LEARN about the nature of energy, clairsentients, and vibrational boundaries.

BE witnessed, seen and lovingly held in your shadow.


EXPERIENCE growing together among other like minded women.

Name and dismantle outdated beliefs, shifting from of old paradigms of “efforting” and fear, into new paradigms of CREATIVITY, flow and ease.

ACCESS the frequency of true joy, happiness and trust.

CONNECT on multiple planes of higher consciousness, working with master teachers and the angelic realm.

Nicolle L.

The first time I traveled to Tulum for a retreat with Marta Maria, literally changed the trajectory of my life. Marta Maria has an incredible talent for bringing together groups of women who naturally play in the upper realms of consciousness. She is extremely gifted at providing safe containers for incredible transformation and soul healing. These retreats put me on a spiritual superhighway toward expansion, self-love and personal growth.

Tulum Retreats - Marta Maria MA - Holistic Practitioner