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Stripe - Quantum Belief


Private Sessions In Person – By Phone

Identify and eliminate the grip of limiting beliefs.
Co creates a compassionate and safe container, to explore all areas of your life.
Our sessions are confidential and nonjudgmental.

Individual  Session

Together,  you will co-create a two-hour Quantum Belief Session which has three phases.

1 – The first phase

Check-in. Here, clients get the opportunity to speak to whatever’s happening in their life. This is similar to traditional counseling psychology.

2 – The second phase

Identify the limiting belief system, the story, or an outdated concept. This phase is extremely important and illuminates core issues that are ready for a transformation.

3 – The third phase

Serves to release the old energy pattern. Here, I will choose from my repertoire of over 50 energy-pattern releases.
When a session is over, it is very likely that you will receive “Spirit Care”.

Spirit Care is a type of homework until the next session.

Examples of Spirit Care are thought stoppingcreating an observing self, visualizationbehaviors for transformation, chantingmindfulness practices, meditation, and more.

Each limiting story holds a particular vibration in our reality.

All of which may be holding you back from where you truly desire to be in your life. For example, “I am unloveable” or “the world is unsafe”. If this is a part of your personal story, belief system, or what Marta Maria calls “Basement Material“, then your emotions, actions, behaviors, and outcomes are ALL reflecting this belief!

This may inhibit you from attaining what you desire for your life…a loving relationship, a great job, your new home, holidays, what makes you want to do more in your life.

The good news is that it’s just energy and energy patterns can change with your awareness.

Couple  Session

Couple sessions are very similar to individual sessions in length and also include the three phases noted above.

Each individual will have an opportunity to “check-in” and choose their topic to deepen into for the session. Again, in a co-created way, the couple will discover their stories, limiting beliefs, and concepts in relation to the topic and point of concern.

Then Marta Maria. will choose the best energy-pattern release from her repertoire of over 50 energy-pattern releases. The couple will also leave the session empowered with easy-to-adopt communication skills and tools to help them navigate their relationship.

In the end, Spirit Care will be provided for some continued couple-energy-work until the next session.

One Day VIP Retreat

This is a one on one exclusive.

Here you are held in a compassionate non-judgmental environment.

Together you will co-create your day which is specifically designed to meet you where you are in personal and spiritual development.

This will be determined in your 1-hour assessment which is held prior to your exclusive day.

The day is separated into 3 categories:

The morning begins at 10 am with a Quantum Belief session to clear any obstructions to the afternoon ceremony.

After lunch, the afternoon ceremony begins. Here the two of you deepen into sacred space together.

Once this is complete there is time for integration where you may receive training, ask questions, and receive “ spirit care.“

(Spirit care is a type of homework until the next session. Examples of Spirit Care are thought stopping, creating an observing self, visualization, behaviors for transformation, chanting, mindfulness practices, meditation, and more.